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robert fionda

Robert Fionda considers himself a “romantic realist” painter of landscapes, nature, and still life. He is intrigued with painting the textured and rusted patinas of utilitarian objects we use in everyday life.  


“I have always had an empathy toward those mundane objects of life that have outlived their usefulness.  Be it a battered tea kettle, weathered door hinge, or an abandoned boat hull. All these things are embodied with the residual spirit of their former owners.  Each with a story to tell.”


  Over the years, my painting style has evolved and so has my perception of the world and how I view it.  I’m more “opportunistic” when it comes to subject matter.  My watercolor compositions are designed to emphasize what I have seen and felt.”


A resident of Michigan, Robert lives and maintains his studio in Armada Township, north of Detroit. Fionda is an artist/art educator with 40 years of award winning experience. He has exhibited in numerous competitive, international and statewide exhibitions, including; The Michigan Annual, Michigan Watercolor Society, The Scarab Club, Michigan Fine Arts Exhibition, Goderich International Art Exhibition, etc.  A complete list  of art memberships, awards, exhibits, and gallery associations are avaliable upon request.

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