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“Though I love the vast canyons, I can find my subjects on expressway medians and ditch beds. I often do a fragment of the landscape to represent the whole.”
̶ Gerald Moore


Therein lays the genius of this singular artist. Gerald Moore sees like no one else and he recreates detail like no one else. With you-are-there precision, he draws viewers in.


Expressive Realism is perhaps the term that best describes the style of Gerald Moore: not quite pointillism, nor the realism of a photograph, but rather an attention to every detail that informs an interpretation of a scene, including the emotion of the viewer. “I am after the aesthetic essence of things found outdoors,” Gerald Moore explains, “which make my paintings close to nature, but not copies of nature.”


His landscape paintings are, more than anything, about how light plays on surfaces to create specific textures. “I use great detail on the surfaces because major characteristics of the landscape are its intricacy, abundance, and chaos,” Moore says; these are facets that can be overlooked by other artists in the name of simplicity.

For Gerald Moore, each of his paintings bear out his belief that nature’s beauty most often is not simple.



“I work opposite of the Oriental painting philosophy that ‘less is more.’

More’ is the engine of my work; ‘more’ is more.”
̶ Gerald Moore

Gerald Moore holds BSE and MA degrees and two-year post-Masters work from Central Michigan University. From September 1962 through June 1985 he headed the Saginaw High School Art Department. Retirement from his teaching career in 1985 allowed Moore to completely commit to painting. Since 1960, Gerald Moore has been accepted extensively into regional and national juried art shows, winning numerous awards.


Landscape paintings of Expressive Realism by Gerald Moore are held in prominent corporate and private collections across the country.

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